9-inch Hydraulic Brake Cylinder

9-inch Hydraulic Brake Cylinder

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9-inch Replacement Hydraulic Brake Cylinder

9″ Hydraulic Brake Wheel Cylinder is a high-quality replacement cylinder that is made to last. It is made of cast iron and has a zinc-plated finish for corrosion resistance. It is also easy to install.

When choosing a 9-inch replacement hydraulic brake cylinder, it is important to consider the following factors:

  • The size of the cylinder. Make sure that the cylinder you choose is the same size as the old one.
  • The type of backing plate. The cylinder must be compatible with the backing plate on your trailer.
  • The material of the cylinder. Cast iron is the most common material, but aluminium cylinders are also available.
  • The price. Hydraulic brake cylinders can range in price from around $20 to $50.

Once you have chosen a 9-inch replacement hydraulic brake cylinder, you can install it yourself or take it to a mechanic to have it installed.

Here are some safety tips to keep in mind when working with hydraulic brake cylinders:

  • Always wear safety glasses when working with hydraulic brake cylinders.
  • Do not over-tighten the cylinder. This can damage the seals and cause leaks.
  • Be careful not to spill brake fluid. Brake fluid is a hazardous material and can cause skin irritation.

If you are not comfortable working with hydraulic brake cylinders, it is best to take your trailer to a mechanic to have the cylinder replaced.

Where should I position the Hydraulic Bleed Nipple?

Importantly, the bleed nipple is located a the top of the wheel cylinder. Air rises to the top of the cylinder and is released by bleeding the nipple. 

Attach a clear tube to the nipple to return fluid to the bottle when bleeding.

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