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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Specifications and prices that are provided on this website are subject to change without notice. Any legislative information provided on this site may vary from state to state. Measurements and fitting instructions are to be used as a guide only; final measurements should be the responsibility of the individual, engineer or installer.

All data and images on this site are the copyright or IP of eTrailerParts and shall not be copied without the written permission of the Director of the Company. Written permission could be via email. You may be permitted to cut and paste with an acknowledgement link back to the eTrailerParts website).


Wholesale accounts are available to businesses with a $500 minimum monthly spend. Account terms are strictly 30 days; any accounts going over 45 days will be subject to legal action.

Special prices are available for bulk orders. POA.

Online orders may vary from standard pricing due to specials not normally available to account customers.


All manufactured axles require a non-refundable deposit before commencement. Axles are exempt from our re-stocking fee offer.


Products manufactured by eTrailerParts carry a lifetime warranty under our terms and conditions when used in accordance with our recommendations found on each product page. Except for disposable parts. For example, bearings, brake pads, etc.

If the goods are subject to warranty, eTrailerParts under our terms and conditions will replace the goods and pay all freight inbound and outbound.

Any products thought to be faulty can be returned to eTrailerParts for investigation at the customer’s expense. We reserve the right to determine whether the item/s are faulty or have been incorrectly used or mistreated.

Any specially ordered axles are not returnable, for example IRS, Overlay and Drop Axles.

We are happy to accept any unwanted stock within 7 days of the invoice. Returned items must be in “as new” condition for resale. eTrailerParts charges a re-stocking fee of 15% will apply to any authorised returns plus freight if the goods returned are not subject to warranty.