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Hydraulic Backing Plates

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9-inch Hydraulic Brake Backing Plate

The 9-inch Hydraulic Brake backing plate is similar to those used in the automotive industry for many years and is reliable and efficient.


  • A mounting hole for the wheel cylinder
  • A slot for the brake shoes
  • A bleeder screw for bleeding the brake fluid
  • A backing plate can also have a built-in adjuster for the brake shoes.

The principle on which a hydraulic brake system works is simple. Force applied at one point is transmitted to another location via an incompressible fluid, called the brake fluid.

Suitable for 9-inch hydraulic back-plates, this cylinder converts your foot-pedal force into hydraulic pressure that forces the brake fluid into the calipers.

Subsequently, this pressure forces the brake pads to clamp the rotor and slow down the vehicle.

Importantly, the bleed nipple is located a the top of the wheel cylinder. Air rises to the top of the brake cylinder and is released by bleeding the nipple. 

This universal backing plate replaces all backing plates except the older Westco versions.

If replacing older versions, you will need to cut and re-install your weld ring.

Install adjuster on the bottom of the backing plate.

Hydraulic backing plates for the Left and Right sides, so you will need to know the difference. The right side is the driver's side.

Often it is easier to replace the entire assembly than install replacement brake shoes or wheel cylinders.

Tip: Look inside your wheel cylinder to see if there is an olive locator for your hydraulic hose. If not, you will require an adaptor nut.

You will undoubtedly need an adaptor nut on your master cylinder.

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