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Safety Chain

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Safety Chain | 2.5t to 35t

2.5t (10mm) | 3.5t (13mm) = 680mm length

8.0t (10mm) | 13.5t (13mm) | 21.0t (16mm) | 35.0t (20mm) = 800m length

Safety chain galvanised - 68cm is the standard chain length used by Jayco and most Australian caravan and camper manufacturers.

The caravan and trailer safety chain are essential in case of coupling failure between vehicle and trailer. Worn tow balls and couplings are a major cause of coupling detachment from the towing vehicle.

We think it is important you should know that this safety chain is made in Australia.

  • Stamp safety chain every four links.
  • Two chains per trailer or caravan are mandatory on all trailers over 2.5t.

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Sizes & Ratings

2.5t (10mm), 3.5t (13mm), 8.0t (10mm), 13.5t (13mm), 21.0t (16mm), 35.0t (20mm)