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Rated Shackles | Dee- Shackles & Bow Shackles

Rated dee shackles connect the safety chain to the tow bar for boat trailers, caravans and camper trailers.

Dee shackles must be compatible with the rating of the safety chain.

What You Need To Know about Rated Dee Shackle

To summarise, install rated dee shackles with a coloured pin and sidestep any compliance issues.

I did the video below years ago. Essentially, if you get pulled over by Police and they may ask you to prove your dee shackles are compatible with your safety chain.

If your dee shackles are not stamped to prove safety chain compatibility, there is a problem.


National legislation is currently under review in 2018.

I had a few comments questioning the legality of rated safety shackles being a requirement under the law.

ADR 62/02 For trailers over 3.5 tonnes ‘ATM’, the safety chain must be made from steel of a minimum 800 MPa breaking stress, conforming to the mechanical properties of Grade T chain as specified in AS 2321 - 2001. Short Link Chain for Lifting Purposes must be of a size such that the minimum breaking load exceeds the ‘ATM’.

The last six words in this clause require Rated or Stamped Dee Shackles. You must be able to prove your chain complies with your rated ATM.

Still, I have not seen a traffic ticket for non-rated shackles. I believe tickets are not being issued at the moment.

Offer: Send me a copy of your ticket for non-compliant dee shackles, and I will pay for it. Offer open to 1 offence only.

How to calculate the correct size?

Rated dee shackles: How do I calculate the correct size? Click here

Rated dee shackles are not a requirement for caravans and trailers under 3.5t. Not required? Yes, there is a catch-22.

A dee shackle must be compatible with the safety chain, and the safety chain must carry a stamp of at least the same capacity as the rating every four links.

So there is the catch. How do you prove your Dee Shackle is COMPATIBLE? You cannot demonstrate compliance if the dee shackle has no stamp on it.

Stamped Dee Shackles

If your dee shackle has a stamp on it, you can prove it is rated the same as the safety chain. No mark, no proof of compatibility with the safety chain. Catch 22.

Trailers over 2.5t must have two safety chains; each chain must be of the same capacity or exceed the ability of the ATM.

Australian Standards require safety chains on trailers over 3.5t to be connected to your trailer via safety chain holders or approved high tensile links. Dee shackles are not a supported device.

Important safety chain note

The marking on the complying chain is repeated at intervals, not exceeding four links. The characters on the links are at least 1.5 mm high for chains less than 8 mm link diameter and not less than 2 mm high for chains 8 mm and above.

If your safety chain has no markings, it is permissible to cut it off at the welded link on the trailer.

Join an approved safety chain length to your welded link with a hammerlock.

Technical Details

0.75t Rated Dee Shackle

  • Proof Load: 14.8kN
  • Break Load: 44.2kN
  • Elongation%: Not Applicable
  • Declaration of Compliance: AS2741
  • Certificate: V0234931-5
  • Max ATM Rating 3t

1t Rated Dee Shackle

  • Proof Load: 19.7kN
  • Break Load: 59.9kN
  • Elongation%: Not Applicable
  • Declaration of Compliance: AS2741
  • Certificate: V0234931-3
  • Max ATM Rating 4t

1.5t Rated Dee Shackle

  • Proof Load: 29.5kN
  • Break Load: 88.3kN
  • Elongation%: Not Applicable
  • Declaration of Compliance: AS2741
  • Certificate: V0234931-4
  • Max ATM Rating 6t

Additional information

Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions3 × 10 × 13 cm
Shackle Type

Bow-Shackle, Dee-Shackle

Size & Ratings

3t ATM, 4t ATM, 6t ATM, 8t ATM, 12.8t ATM