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Hydrastar Replacement Circuit Board

Hydrastar circuit boards and electronics are not submersible, and it is advisable not to get them wet under any circumstances.

Manufacturers encapsulate electronic boards in water-resistant resin yet; they will fail when attached to your boat trailer and submerged.

However, accidents happen, and there are replacement boards and other trailer parts available.

Hydrastar circuit boards are not repairable once submerged or water damaged.

Replace American circuit boards with this Australian controller. The new Hydrastar V7 circuit fits all Hydrastar actuators with the exception of the 1000 psi model.

The standard board fits the new Australian version of Generation 7.

The XL ElectraStar model replacement circuit fits plugin, and remote Hydrastar models.

Hydrastar brake actuators operate hydraulic braking systems via the following brands of trailer brake controllers:

  • Tekonsha
  • TowPro Elite - latest version
  • Hayes
  • Hayman Reese

The Alko Xtreme controller uses a foot control brake pedal installed inside the tow vehicle and as a result, is not compatible with any Hydrastar unit.

Purchase Hydrastar trailer spare parts here

Furthermore, ensure gaskets are clean before applying the gasket seal and reseal the housing onto the body.

Finally, bleed the brake lines to ensure there are no air bubbles in the hydraulic lines. The air bubbles in the brake lines cause ineffective braking.

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