Hydrastar Gasket – 1200psi and 1600psi

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Hydrastar Gasket to suit 1200psi and 1600psi Hydrastar models

Hydrastar Gasket to suit 1200psi and 1600psi Hydrastar Electric controllers are not submersible. Accidents happen and there are replacement gaskets and replacement circuit boards available.

Beware of perished gaskets.

Old gaskets can be almost impossible to remove. You are actually quite fortunate if you can remove your gasket intact.

When replacing your circuit board it is a good idea to replace the gasket also.

This Hydrastar gasket suits the new Australian version Gen 7 models and also fits all previous versions and fits

DIY install. Make a drawing of the terminals and where they are located. Remove spade terminals, remove the circuit board from the housing.

Install wires onto the new circuit board and reinsert into housing.

Please ensure all of your gaskets are clean before applying gasket seal and reseal housing onto the body.

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