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Caliper Piston Seal Kit

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Hydraulic Caliper Piston Seal Repair Kit

Hydraulic caliper piston seal repair kit is made by Bosch Al-ko and Trojan and now DeeMaxx hydraulic calipers.

Dee-Maxx caliper boot and seal kits are now available.

Couplemate has used all types of original and non-original hydraulic seal kits over the years. Includes seals and boots for one hydraulic caliper.

We have found this seal kit to be the best fit on Al-ko and Trojan calipers.

The problem with other piston seal kits is most do not fit as tight as we would like.

We have found this particular hydraulic seal kit fits the Alko and Trojan caliper perfectly.

Purchase replacement calipers here

In our opinion, this seal kit is one of the best on the market and an excellent investment.

How can the same seal kit fit two brands of calipers?

The Al-ko and Trojan pistons have the same diameter. However, the Pistons have a slightly different length and are not interchangeable.

When installing pistons, use generous amounts of hydraulic fluid as a lubricant. Gently twist your Pistons home to be sure you do not damage them during installation.

Good idea to replace your piston seals at this point. If your piston is worn, then your seal is also worn.

Worn seals are the primary reason why pistons fail. A slightly damaged seal has let water into the hydraulic chamber, causing the piston to jam.

Replace rubber and boots as calipers grow old. Clean or replace the piston housing. Caution, the rubber seal kits can easily be stretched in the process of removing and cleaning ceased calipers.

When tackling a caliper cleaning job, it is wise to have a new replacement seal kit ready in case the old seals become stretched.

Quality Australian-Made Pistons are also available

If you require stainless pistons for Al-ko and Trojan hydraulic calipers then look here. We also make quality 316 stainless pistons.

Stainless pistons require less maintenance and slide more efficiently inside the caliper cavity.

We use 316 Stainless bars to manufacture our pistons. They are very popular with hydraulic brake repairers.

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