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Dust Caps

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The dust cap, also referred to as a grease cap, is designed to contain grease within it. While it's true that excess grease can accumulate in these caps, the more commonly used term is "dust cap."

For caravans and trailers, there are two types of caps: pressed metal caps and compressed fit caps, in contrast to the machine fit caps like the Bearing Buddy. Pressed metal caps are slightly larger than the hub, and they are secured by compressing their circumference during installation. This compression ensures a secure fit for the cap.

  • Polyurethane Grommet
  • 45.2mm AUD - SL and LM
  • 63.5mm AUD - PLL and 2t
  • 76.2mm AUD - 3t
  • 1.98" - USA
  • 2.441" - USA
  • 2.72" - Dexter
  • 59mm - Simplicity
  • 48mm - Alko European

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Weight0.05 kg
Dimensions4 × 4 × 2 cm
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1.98" USA, 2.441" USA, 2.72" Dexter, 45.2mm AUD – SL and LM, 50.29mm, 52mm, 59mm – Simplicity, 62mm, 63.5mm AUD – PLL and 2t, 76.2mm AUD – 3t, Grommet 1.98" and 2.441", 48mm European