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Dust Cap Dolly

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Dust Cap Dolly

The dust cap dolly never misses or inserts a crooked grease cap, every time — no more damaged dust caps.

So simple, it's surprising this device has not been used extensively. Once you own one, a dust cap dolly will provide decades of great service.

Select a dolly from the menu to suit SL, LM, Dexter and 2t or parallel caravan wheel bearings.

Another name for a dust cap is a grease cap. A popular myth is the grease cap should be full of grease when installed.

The purpose of the grease cap nee Dust Cap is to catch excess grease once the bearing cavity heats up and expels excess lubricant.

The Australian 2t dolly also fits American 2.441″ grease caps.

We use these grease cap dollies in our workshop. With a large variety of different hubs on the market, some do not have chamfered entry points for the bearings.

The dolly is made from medium tensile steel K1045 that makes light work of adding caps to a hub, drum or disc rotor.

How not to install a dust cap video.

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Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions6.5 × 13 × 6.5 cm
Dust Cap Size

45mm, 1.98", 63mm