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Individual Bearings

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Single trailer bearings are now accessible for caravans, boat trailers, and caravans.

All radial and axial load bearings offered are of Japanese origin, representing top-notch quality. Most tapered roller bearings are crafted from high-carbon chromium steel, commonly referred to as chrome steel. These bearings employ cylindrical rollers.

It's worth noting that NSK bearings can also be manufactured from alternative materials like stainless steel, ceramics, and plastic. The following single bearings are suitable for cup and cone or outer ring and inner races.

NSK Bearing Specifications:

  • LM11949/10 - ID: 19.05mm - OD: 45.20mm
  • LM12749/10 - ID: 22.00mm - OD: 45.20mm
  • 30205J2Q - ID: 25.00mm - OD: 52.00mm
  • LM44649/10 - ID: 27.00mm - OD: 50.29mm
  • LM67048/10 - ID: 31.75mm - OD: 59.10mm
  • LM68149/10 - ID: 35.00mm - OD: 59.10mm
  • LM16849/111 - ID: 35.00mm - OD: 59.97mm
  • LM15123/245 - ID: 31.75mm - OD: 61.95mm
  • LM29749/10 - ID: 38.10mm - OD: 65.088mm
  • 48548/10 - ID: 34.925mm - OD: 65.08mm
  • 14276/25A - ID: 31.75mm - OD: 69.01mm
  • 16150R/2848 - ID: 38.1mm - OD: 72.23mm
  • 501349/10 - ID: 41.30mm - OD: 73.43mm
  • 2788/20 - ID: 38.10mm - OD: 76.20mm
  • 16150R/2848 - ID: 38.1mm - OD: 72.23mm
  • LM25580/20 - ID: 44.45mm - OD: 82.93mm
  • HR30210J - ID: 50mm - OD: 89.96mm

Bearing Inspection:

When inspecting trailer bearings, it's not challenging to spot faulty ones. Run a thumbnail over the roller bearing's surface; it should be smooth without any irregularities. If the bearing grease appears discoloured, both bearings should be replaced. Discolored grease signifies black or brown grease, with black grease containing carbon black from a worn casing, and brown grease containing moisture or water.

Japanese bearings are known for their longevity; NSK Japanese single-trailer bearings are suitable for high-speed applications.

Lastly, avoid over-tightening bearings as it can cause the bearing cage to rub against the bearing rollers, generating heat and leading to bearing degradation. Ensure that the axle nut is adequately tightened to prevent such issues.

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Bearing #

LM67048/10, LM68149/10, LM29749/10, LM30210J, 25580/20, 501349/10, 2788/20, 16150/284, 26884/23, LM48548/10, LM11949/10, LM12749/10, LM67048/10, 15123/245, 29749/10, LM44649/10, 67048/10, LM44649/10