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50mm Override Coupling Zinc – Alko

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50mm Override Coupling Zinc - 184mm x 54mm - Alko

50mm override coupling is used on 2t disc rotors and mechanical and hydraulic braking systems.

Hole Spacings 184mm x 54mm x 13.5mm

Al-ko 50mm override coupling complies with Australian Standards.

2 Sizes are available

  • 1000kg for bike trailers
  • 2000kg for standard trailers

Override couplings suit the following hydraulic brake systems

Be sure to buy a brass 3/16-inch adaptor to insert into the Master Cylinder. The 3/6-inch tube will have a flared end, and this needs to be fitted into an adaptor to seal the connection properly.

The adjustment nut on the head of the coupling is a 1/2-inch BSW thread. This nut prevents the coupling from jumping on the tow ball and creates a tight fit by removing slop that can occur through wear,

How to properly adjust trailer coupling nut

  • Put pressure on the coupling head to firmly on the tow ball.
  • Loosen the nut.
  • Screw down the thread so that you can feel it touch the top of the tow ball.
  • Now tighten the locking nut being careful not to unscrew the threaded screw.

Your coupling should now be tight and ready to tow.

Note: You will also require a parking brake lever, cable kit, or master cylinders.

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Weight10 kg
Dimensions40 × 13 × 15 cm
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2000kg, 1000kg