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Wheel Nut Indicators

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Multi-Size Truck Wheel Nut Indicator

wheel nut indicators

How to Measure Wheel Nuts - Ford is 21mm

Multi-size truck wheel nut indicators quickly identify nuts that have become loose on their studs during transit. These nut indicators are made in Australia and patented worldwide by HexChex.

HexChex is a popular brand of multi-size wheel nut indicators. They are made of a durable engineering polymer and come in three sizes: 19-23mm, 23-30mm, and 30-38mm.

Multi-size wheel nut indicators are a great way to quickly and easily check the tightness of your truck's wheel nuts. They are especially useful for off-road vehicles, as the nuts can loosen more easily on rough terrain.

Indicators are essential in truck and trailer equipment, especially off-road trucking because wheel nuts can loosen on corrugated roads. You should check the truck's wheel nuts every morning for safety reasons.

Importantly, ratchet wheel nut indicators can be successfully installed on most damaged wheel nuts.

Quality UV Materials

Hexchex is made of durable custom-engineered polymer with high dimensional stability, chemical resistance, UV, and thermal properties.

Australia's extreme conditions mean HexChex is exposed to high temperatures.

Wheel nut indicators melt if the hub overheats, alerting you to potential problems.

Other uses for Nut Indicators include:

  • Truck Trailers
  • Vibratory Conveyors.
  • Feeders.
  • Vibratory & Rotary Shakeouts.
  • Screening Solutions for Mining & Aggregate.
  • Grinding and Attrition Machinery.
  • Underground Mining Machinery.

Driving over rough roads can cause nuts to loosen. These multi-size wheel nut indicators are an easy solution to help with maintenance checks.

How to calculate the rim and tyre PCD link.
truck wheel nut indicators

Did you know that wheel studs are high-tensile steel?

The knurl is essential; otherwise, wheel studs spin during tightening.

Once the wheel stud has commenced spinning, the hole has been oversized. The drum now requires replacement. It is not to insert new wheel studs into old stud holes.

If a replacement is necessary, we recommend a drop of red locktite in emergencies.

Specifications and Size

  • HC1923 caters to hex nuts between 19mm and 23mm
    • Suits 7/16" Nuts
    • Suits 1/2" Nuts
    • Suits 9/16" Nuts
  • HC2330 caters to hex nuts between 23mm and 30mm
  • HC3038 caters to hex nuts between 30mm and 38mm
  • HC3850 caters to hex nuts between 38mm and 50mm

Causes of Loose Nuts and Wheel Separation

  • Over torquing
  • Under torquing
  • Thread is dirty, damaged, or corroded
  • Differential thermal expansion and contraction
  • Incorrectly tightened or overlooked nut sequence
  • False torque readings - equipment calibration

How to install Multi-Size Truck Wheel Nut Indicators

  • Insert the tab over the nut, ensuring the pointed tab is touching the right-hand side against the hub.
  • A loosened nut will move the tab in an anti-clockwise direction.
  • Re-tighten the wheel nut immediately and replace the tab in the correct position.


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Weight0.01 kg
Dimensions5 × 5 × 5 cm
Select Nut Diameter

38mm – 50mm, 30mm – 38mm, 23mm – 30mm, 19mm – 23mm