45mm to 60mm Shackle Springs

45mm to 60mm Shackle Springs

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Shackle Springs

45mm x 635mm Shackle Spring

45mm x 635mm shackle eye-to-eye spring.  Also known as a short shackle spring. Black powder-coated or Galvanised.

  • 25-inch (635mm)
  • 45mm x 8mm Leaf Spring
  • 9/16 inch shackle bolt diameter.
  • 2 x 9/16" Nylon bushes
  • Camber 100mm

Spring Ratings

  • 4 Leaf 550kg
  • 5 Leaf 650kg

45mm Standard Shackle Spring

710mm Shackle Eye to Eye Spring suits single and tandem axle trailers from 900kg to 1800kg. The leaf bolt is 5/16" high tensile and in the spring's centre.

45mm Shackle Spring

45mm Eye-to-Eye Springs are rated as follows

  • Three leaf - 425kg
  • Four-leaf - 550kg
  • Five leaf - 650kg
  • Six leaf- 750kg
  • Eight leaf - 950kg

45mm Offset Shackle Spring

45mm offset shackle spring is 50mm off-center to enable the axles to be closer on tandem trailers for 14-inch wheels.

This gap can be closed by 50mm to 100mm by turning the spring 180 degrees. Ideal for reducing the difference between the tyres on tandem trailer setups.

  • 28 inch (710)
  • 45mm x 8mm
  • 9/16 inch shackle bolt diameter.
  • 300mm eye to Center Bolt
  • 410mm other eye-to-center bolt
  • 105mm Free Camber

Eye to Eye Springs are rated as follows

  • Five leaf 650kg
  • Six leaf 750kg
  • Eight Leaf 850kg

685mm x 60mm offset springs are available in the following capacity

  • 6 Leaf - 990 kg per spring
  • 7 Leaf - 1100 kg per spring


  • 685mm Eye to Eye.
  • 5/8" x 7/8" x 60mm bush.
  • Free Camber 117mm
  • Eye to Center Bolt 300mm and 385mm
  • 6.5mm Leaf
  • Powder Coated Black

60mm x 705mm Caravan Spring fits Jayco Caravans

60mm caravan spring fits Jayco. It is common to use replacement 705mm Springs on Jayco and other manufacturers' tandem setups.

TIP: Cut off burred u-bolts with an angle grinder. The best place to cut old u-bolts is on the bend. Then, you only need one cut per u-bolt.

Important: Spring offset is 50mm from the centre of the spring.

  • 705mm Eye to Eye.
  • 16mm (ID) x 22mm (OD) x 60mm bush (long).
  • Free Camber 120mm
  • Eye to Center Bolt 386mm
  • 6mm Thick Leaves
  • Nominal axle centres 912mm

Additional information

Dimensions80 × 5 × 20 cm

45mm, 60mm


635mm, 685mm, 705mm, 710mm


3 Leaf, 4 Leaf, 5 Leaf, 6 Leaf, 7 Leaf, 8 Leaf, 9 Leaf

Spring Centre Bolt

Centre, Offset


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