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Slotted Head Corner Steady Handle

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Slotted Head Handle suit Corner Steady

Use slotted head handles on the following slotted head Manutec stabiliser legs.

  • 500mm Slotted Head Steady.
  • 600mm Slotted Head Steady.

Stabilise the body of your caravan conveniently with the help of a corner steady handle.  An acceptable practice is cutting the handle to a suitable length and inserting the slotted part in a battery drill.

This device helps prevent your trailer from rocking in heavy winds and also helps keep it steady despite people moving around inside.

The main purpose is to help keep the trailer stabilised quickly once you’ve set it up on the pad.

Unlike car jacks which are used to lift the vehicle off the ground. The corner steadies to provide stability when the trailer is stationary.

This product best suits the Manutec ALFP5 and ALFP6 slotted head corner steady, as well as drop legs. It comes in variants that differ in size:

  • LH1P- 550 mm handle
  • LH2P- 750 mm handle

Technical Specs:

  • Weight  0.68 kg
  • Dimensions - Varies

Finally, find several similar products in Couplemate’s Caravan Corner Steady Jack section, including the Corner Steady Handle Hex Head ( LH2M) and the 500 mm Caravan Corner Steady Slotted Head.

Additional information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions7 × 2 × 4 cm
Select Length

500mm, 750mm