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100mm Square Galvanised U-Bolt Clamp Kit

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100mm Square Galvanised U-Bolt Clamp Kit

100mm square galvanised u-bolt clamp kit with ElectroGal plates to clamp equipment onto boat trailers, 4WD or trailers. A good variety of other size clamp kits are available below.
100mm Galvanised U-Bolt Clamp Kit

U-bolt kit includes

  1. 1 x Galvanised U-bolt
  2. 2 x Galvanised Nylocks
  3. 2 x Galvanised Washers
  4. 1 x 8mm ElectroGal Shackle Plate

Available Lengths are

  • 75mm
  • 100mm
  • 125mm
  • 150mm
  • 200mm

They are used to clamp suspension brackets onto 100mm chassis rails on boat trailers. The break load limit of these u-bolts has been tested sheer at 17.5t.

Tip: Tightening with a rattle gun can cause uneven tension on the clamp. Rattle guns also melt the nylock causing it to be ineffective. Once a nylock nut has been used and removed from service, we recommend replacing this nut.

U-bolts are mild steel and require checking for tightness after the first 100 kilometres of travel. MIld steel stretches upon initial tightening, so it is best to check.

  1. The inside measurement is 100mm.
  2. Measure Inside of top to tip of thread to obtain the desired thread length
  3. 1/2" U bolts with a 50mm thread

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This article is the catastrophic result of the incorrect tightening of the u-bolt on a truck chassis

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Additional information

Dimensions1 × 12 × 15 cm
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Length: 75mm, Length: 200mm, Length: 150mm, Length: 125mm, Length: 100mm