Combination Pintle Hooks

Combination Pintle Hooks

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The Couplemate™ CM532 is an Australian-Made Premium Combination Pintle Hook. This product suits 3” ring couplings and 3500kg 50mm ball coupling. The tow ball is pre-torqued to 553Nm upon purchase and ready for towing.

Safety is the most significant issue concerning the pintle hitch and receiver. If you have experienced wear to your tow ball from pulling consistently with a ring coupling, then the premium combination pintle hook will suit you.

The success of this design is in the casting. The ring coupler cannot get close to the ball to cause wear. The ring pulls on a higher-rated surface in the cast and creates no noise from wear or slack.

  • Rated at 6 tonnes for ring couplings
  • Rated at 3500kg for ball couplings
  • D-Value: 26.7kN

Failure to select the correct D-Value to match your truck and trailer combination will result in excessive component wear.

Using the Couplemate™ D-Value sheet, ensure that the kN of this Pintle Hook correctly matches your tow vehicle and trailer.

Importantly, this product is Australian Made at our local Wynnum warehouse. You can view more detail on this product here.

Additional information

Weight7 kg
Dimensions18 × 20 × 20 cm

Bolt-On, Receiver

Size & Capacity

Premium (6.0t), Standard (6.0t), Genuine Couplemate (6.0t), Aftermarket (6.0t)


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