125mm Galvanised Square U Bolt x 100mm

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125mm Square ElectroGal U Bolts

125mm square electroGal U bolt secure jockey wheels to your 5-inch caravan chassis or boat trailer chassis. The actual width is 130mm.


  • Width - 130mm
  • Length - 100mm
  • Diameter - 1/2 inch
  • Nylocks Incl
  • Washer Incl

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Should u-bolts be reused?

U-bolt reuse is a tough question that was posed to me not long ago and deserved a good answer for such a good question.

U-bolts have rolled threads as opposed to cut threads.

As a result of the second re-tensioning, the u-bolt reached its final torqued position.

In our opinion stretched and unchecked u-bolts constitute a significant cause of caravan road accidents.

In conclusion, the logical answer is no. Re-inserting old u-bolts onto a new caravan axle will lead to disaster.

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