50A Duo Anderson Socket

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50A Anderson Trailer Plug Combination Socket

50A Duo Anderson socket features LEDs to indicate a power supply is available. There are 2 x Red LEDs within the plug cavity.

One LED could be connected to the brake cable, indicating when power is available during braking.

The other LED is attached to the 50A Anderson plug cover and indicates available power at that plug. Couplemate strongly suggests the power supply to the 50A Anderson plug is supplied through a contact relay to prevent power drain when the vehicle is switched off.

The seven-pin flat trailer socket features spring-loaded stainless terminals to help prevent corrosion.

Stainless terminals help screws from snapping when overtightened. The 50A Duo Anderson socket has a rubber sleeve inside the dust cap to prevent the lid from becoming a water trap. Twin screws also replace hydraulic ferrules typically found in similar plugs.

Flat vs Stacked Duo Sockets

Couplemate has received both flat and stacked Duo sockets.

  • Flat Duo sockets are low profile which reduced the risk of damage in an offroad situation and contain LED power ON indicators. No flaws.
  • Stacked Duo Sockets have 2 flaws. 1. Different brand connectors do not fit into the sockets. 2. Stacked sockets have a greater risk of damage.


  • Cable screws into the 50 amp Anderson plug
  • Spring-loaded screws in the seven-pin trailer plug
  • Twin Red LED's
  • Easy to install


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