12 inch Dexter Aftermarket Brake Shoes

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12 inch Dexter Aftermarket Brake Shoes

12 inch Dexter aftermarket brake shoes include both primary and secondary brake shoes for a 12-inch backing plate.

Install the larger shoe towards the back of the caravan and a smaller shoe towards the front of the caravan.

One trailer axle uses two pairs of shoes.

The critical thing to look for when inspecting trailer and caravan shoes is the slot or hole in the top of the shoe.

Important Notice: How a Bearing Buddy can Destroy Caravan Brakes

How do I distinguish between Alko and Dexter 2t backing plates?

  • The Alko park brake has horizontal slots for shoes. The protruding hand brake handle is parallel with the ground.
  • Dexter shoes use a spring on the top to hold shoes together, and the hand brake handle is vertical to the ground. (pointing down)

When viewing 12-inch shoes, you will notice they are different. It is possible to install caravan shoes back to front.

When brake shoes are installed in the wrong location they create heat, constantly.

Should you have any questions or comments, we would love to hear them.

Why is One brake shoe shorter than the other brake shoe?

  • The longer shoe is called the primary brake shoe, and it faces the rear of the caravan.
  • The short shoe is called a secondary brake shoe and faces the front of the caravan.

So how do electric brakes work?

The magnet, when energised will attach itself to the inside of the moving brake drum and remain connected during braking.

The attached magnet on the drum forces the brake's shoes during a forward motion causing deacceleration.

Tip: If your electric magnet and shoes need replacing, check the other components as they may also show wear signs. Electric magnets need replacing when the wear holes are no longer visible.

A better solution is to buy an entire backing plate and bolt it onto the weld ring.

Find different variations of brake shoes at these the links

Caravan Electric Brake FAQ here

Bendix brake shoes manufacture superior brake shoes with excellent braking performance. However, they are not suited well to caravans and trailers.

The Al-ko and Dexter brake shoe range uses a more suitable friction material for the caravan industry and provides safe stopping power.

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