12 inch Electric Brake Magnet

12 inch Electric Brake Magnet

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12-inch Electric Brake Magnets suit Dexter Brakes and Alko Brakes

12-inch electric brake magnets are suited to all caravan electric brake systems except for older round magnet brake systems.

How to check magnet wear

  • Check the four small holes on top of the magnet.
  • These holes are warning indicators that display magnet wear.
  • Extreme magnets wear if there are no holes or less than four holes.
  • When the face of the magnet hole has worn, then it is time to replace the magnet.

Key Features

  • Wear holes are at 3 pm, 6 pm, 9 pm and 12.
  • Magnets draw approximately 3.2 amps each
  • Wires can be connected either positive or negative.

Once worn, copper begins to become exposed. Subsequently, an open electric circuit will render the brakes inoperable.


  • Bed new magnets into position to achieve 100% braking efficiency.
  • The magnet face is a shiny finish.
  • This finish needs to be scuffed up during the initial stages of breaking before your magnets become 100% effective.

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