10 inch Off-Road Brake Magnet by Alko

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10 inch Off-Road Brake Magnet suit Dexter Brakes and Alko Brakes

Caravan 10 inch off-road brake magnets by Alko are suited to all-electric brake systems except for older round magnet brake systems.

How to check magnet wear

  • Check the four small holes on top of the magnet.
  • These holes are warning indicators that display magnet wear.
  • Extreme magnets wear if there are no holes or fewer than four holes.
  • When the face of the magnet hole has worn, then it is time to replace the magnet.

Key Features

  • Wear holes are at 3 pm, 6 pm, 9 pm and 12.
  • Magnets draw approximately 3.2 amps each
  • Wires can be connected either positive or negative.

Once worn, copper begins to become exposed. Subsequently, an open electric circuit will render the brakes inoperable.

Review a full list of electric brake parts below:


  • Bed new magnets into position to achieve 100% braking efficiency.
  • The magnet face is a shiny finish.
  • This finish needs to be scuffed up during the initial stages of breaking before your magnets become 100% effective.

Why can’t I run the electric cable across my axle?

Click this link to check the correct cable size for the installation

  • Rundown each chassis rail = 6mtr @ 6.4 Amps per pair of magnets = 5.62mm cable size
  • Run down the chassis trailer (inside) = 6 meter + 2 mete (8mtr) @ 6.4 Amps per pair of magnets = 7.5mm cable size

To escape voltage drop, run the cabling down the chassis rail.

We recommend using a Tekonsha Primus or Prodigy or a Chassis Mounted brake controller (Qld and NT Only).

For chassis-mounted brake systems, do not power electric brakes from the brake light circuit. Incandescent brake light circuits provide 21 watts of power and perform the function of a control circuit for chassis-mounted controllers. If you have purchased a caravan or camper with brakes wired into the brake lights, then the braking system is working at less than 25% of their efficiency.

Wire all brake controllers from the battery. In most cases, the brake controller has a relay that is powered by the brake lights.

If brake lights are used to power brake controllers, significant voltage losses will occur, resulting in brakes operating less than 25% capacity.

It is permissible to wire chassis controllers from the onboard battery in the caravan.


Electric OffRoad Magnet Kit

10-inch A-ko OffRoad electric brake magnet (genuine) to suit all AL-KO and some Dexter backing plates.

The lifespan for offroad magnets greatly exceeds the life cycle of standard offroad magnets.

The latest Al-ko IQ7 brake actuator uses an offroad magnet to increase the reliability within the brake actuation system.

Why do offroad magnets last longer?

  • The steel magnet arm causes the steel magnet on a standard highway magnet to rattle causing wear.
  • The plastic insert on the Al-ko off-road magnet prevents the same wear under the same conditions.

The 10-inch AL-KO OffRoad Electric Brake Magnet is designed and extensively tested for typically harsh Australian conditions. It has proven that it is durable, reliable and will not let you down even in the toughest terrain.

Difference between Highway and Offroad Magnets

  • Electric Highway brake kit uses a magnet retaining clip to hold the magnet into position on the magnet arm.
  • Off-Road Electric brake magnet uses a RUBBER BAND to hold the magnet into position on the magnet arm.

The rubber band breaks on first use and relies on the return spring to hold the magnet.

The left side and right side magnets are not interchangeable.

  • The left-hand side is the passenger’s side
  • The right-hand side is the driver's side

The purpose of the rubber band is to hold the magnet into position to allow drum installation onto the axle profile, then tighten.

If the magnet needs replacing or upgrading from a standard magnet, then it may be wise to replace the whole backing plate. 

12 inch Electric Brake Magnet - Standard

All 12-inch electric magnets have white cables. If the magnet has green wires, they are 10" magnets.

12-inch Electric Brake Oval Magnet are suited to all 2t electrical brake systems except older round magnet brake systems.

Dexter 12 inch Brake Magnet

Dexter 12 inch Magnet 2t suit left hand and right-hand dexter electric backing plates.

However, if you require 12 inch offroad Dexter Magnets, then you need to purchase the Alko offroad magnet and adjust your magnet arm to suit the magnet.

Also, Alko does not make 12 inch Dexter Offroad magnets.

Learn the secrets of electric trailer magnets.

Caravan Electric Brake Magnets

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 3 × 5 × 10 cm
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Drivers Side, Passengers Side


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