Corner Steady – 19mm Hex Head

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Corner Steady Stabiliser Leg

Corner steady stabiliser legs from Al-ko are the oldest and still most common and most helpful caravan essential. A corner steady provides superior stability to your camper trailer or caravan.

Concerned about the camper rocking in the wind or camping on uneven ground, caravan stabiliser legs are the solution.

If you have a caravan or camper stability problem or need a replacement for an old rusty corner steady, Couplemate has the answer.

A front adjustment hex head nut adjusts the corner steady stabiliser legs, up or down. The 500mm-long caravan corner steady slotted head is ideal for vehicles with a wheel size of 13-14 inches.

Note: Corner steadies are not designed to be used as a jack or to lift the trailer or caravan entirely off the ground. Corner steadies stabilise the trailer or caravan when stationary.

Buckled and bent legs result from lifting the caravan or camper off the ground. In extreme cases, it results in injury.


  • 500mm - Al-ko Front Hexagonal Head
  • 600mm - Al-ko Front Hexagonal Head
  • 700mm - Alko Front Hexagonal Head
  • 700mm - Al-ko Galvanised

Technical Specs:

  • Weight- 3.6 kg
  • Dimensions- 50 x 10 x 5 cm
  • The hexagonal head size is 19mm
  • Alko
  • One size suits both left hand and right-hand sides of the trailer.
  • Horizontal travelling position

Dropdown legs provide a more heavy-duty solution for stabilising larger caravans and campers. The Al-ko bigfoot is another famous corner steady.

Truck stabiliser legs are also available to purchase from this category. Truck drop down jacks is available in various heights and weight capacity. Tray back jacks are also available in this category.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for corner steady stabiliser legs with varied styles and specifications, we have an array of similar products to choose from.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 60 cm
Select Length

700mm Gal, 700mm, 600mm, 500mm


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