Parallel Bearing Kit

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Parallel Bearing Kits

Parallel Bearing Kits are rated at 1600 kg and are suitable for high-speed highway usage.

Parallel bearing kits are Japanese, and to suit the following caravan, manufacturers use solid beam axles

  • Jayco
  • Coromal
  • Avan
  • Kedron
  • Millard
  • Windsor

Learn how to install marine bearing seals

What do I need to know about Marine Seals?

  • Marine seals are a tight fit on the axle journal.
  • Some installers smear silicone on this journal to keep the rubber seal in the correct place.
  • Marine seals rotate inside the stainless metal retaining ring
  • Friction can create heat up to 100 degrees C
  • You must grease this seal around the outside ring of a marine seal with a liberal amount of grease. Insert the seal onto the axle, not into the hub
  • A dry or greaseless marine seal causes excess heat.

Ford Parallel Japanese kit

  • Inner bearing ID 35.00mm, OD 59.10mm (68149)
  • Outer bearing ID 35.00mm, OD 59.10mm (68149)
  • Seal ID 43.9mm, OD 59.10mm (492015)
  • Grease Cap 63.00mm (CM498)

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Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 3 × 15 × 20 cm
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Highway, Marine


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