50mm Adjustable Ball-Mount Receiver- 3500kg

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50mm Adjustable Ball-Mount Receiver - Pro Series

50mm adjustable ball-mount receiver by Pro Series is cast forged mount towing capacity is 3500kg.unbalanced trailer car combination

Pro Series Heavy Duty Specifications

  1. Part Number: PRO7217
  2. Capacity: 3500kg (For precise towing capacity details please refer to your vehicle owner's manual or to the vehicle manufacturer.
  3. Drop: 90mm
  4. Rise: 114mm
  5. Ball to pin lengths: 316, 290, 265mm ( three pinholes)
  6. Width of tow ball end: 65mm

How to raise or lower the towing height.

  • A low towing position causes the tow vehicle suspension to be pushed down during braking. As a result, reduced steering occurs.
  • Towing position pushes the suspension up, reducing traction on the rear wheels.
  • Invert the Hayman Reese 50mm Adjustable Receiver to increase the height of the Tow Ball.
  • Secure the adjustable mount into position on the tow vehicle with a hitch pin.

Both of these positions above are extremely dangerous.

The idea position trailer or caravan position when towing is level with the tow vehicle.

Cast body reduces weight while maintaining performance.

About the 3500kg adjustable TBM Head

The Pro Series 3500kg adjustable TBM head maximises the vehicle's 3500kg tow rating while providing the flexibility to adapt to the tower's needs.


  • The revised design of the 3500kg adjustable tow ball mount.
  • Now suits all popular offroad couplings. The tow ball head suits the most popular offroad couplings (DO35, Mc Hitch, Treg Polyblock, Alko Off-road coupling and Hitch Ezy) while offering improved clearance and articulation.

This article shows you how to better balance your caravan thereby eliminating the need for load levelling devices.

Feel free to ask us your question below.

Pro Series Towbar Adjustable Ball Mount

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 10 × 30 × 30 cm


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