Al-ko IQ7 Electric Hydraulic Brake Actuator

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Al-ko IQ7 Electric Hydraulic Brake Controller

The Al-ko IQ7 electric hydraulic brake actuator enjoys the top ranking for brake controllers on boat trailers over 2t.

Why is the Al-ko IQ7 the most advanced power-assisted hydraulic brake actuator on the Australian market?

Answer: The Alko iq7 includes an inbuilt breakaway that provides an automatic park brake within the actuator. The parking brake is automatically activated when the vehicle is parked, and the engine is turned off.

Further, Alko recommends wheels to be chocked on flat ground and use the parking brake as an emergency feature on hilly land.

Question: What type of hydraulic braking system suits the Alko IQ7

Answer: The Alko IQ7 is ideal for controlling the following boat trailer braking systems.

An alternative to the Alko IQ7 is the Hydrastar

Important Notice:

When removing the earlier model series 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 Sensabrake and replacing it with the IQ7 Extreme, loop or bridge pins 10 and 11.

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What is the difference between the Alko IQ7 and the Hydrastar actuator braking systems?

  • The Hydrastar actuator offers NO internal park brake.
  • The IQ7 actuator requires no breakaway kit and no breakaway switch.
  • The IQ7 compressor includes inbuilt breakaway technology that activates the hydraulic park brake when electrically disconnected from the tow vehicle.

As a result of the two points above, the Al-ko IQ7 is superior to any similar product and a significant investment.

The Alko IQ7 is the latest electric marine actuator on the market; therefore, it contains the newest technology and is the best money can buy.

Maximum hydraulic pressure for IQ7 is 6.9 Mpa - 1000psi and fluid displacement of 21cc.

Finally, for braking requirements, please refer to Vehicle Standards Bulletin VSB1.

Al-ko IQ7 Outback

The Al-ko IQ7 Outback is the latest power-assisted hydraulic trailer braking, designed especially for harsh dusty conditions.

iQ7 Outback includes in-built breakaway technology to brake your trailer if it becomes detached from the tow vehicle.

Dust protection in extreme conditions

The iQ7 Outback is designed to handle harsh, dusty outback conditions, providing the driver with the ability to service and replace filters without special tools or skills. Coupled with AL-KO hydraulic disc brakes, the iQ7 Outback delivers safe and reliable braking in the harshest Australian conditions.

Key features

  • Tool-free air filter servicing for the compressor and pneumatic breathers.
  • Mounted hydraulic actuator internally or externally.
  • Remote mount pneumatic breather with replaceable filter ensures the air being drawn into the pneumatic system is always clean.
  • Ideal for travelling on dusty outback roads.
  • Australian made with the National service network.
  • Suits caravans and boat trailers fitted with hydraulic disc brakes.
  • Meets ADR breakaway requirements for trailers over 2000kg.
  • Available in both iQ7 Outback and iQ7 Outback XTREME models.

The Al-ko IQ7 Outback Difference

AL-KO iQ7 Outback is equipped with the latest superior computer processor circuit technology for maximum reliability. AL-KO has also completed over 220,000 cycle tests on iQ7 Outback.

Further, this level of testing simulates the equivalent of setting off on an average of 42 trips per year over ten years, without iQ7 Outback experiencing any problems.

Finally, to complete the offer of complete peace of mind, AL-KO provides a market-leading 3-year warranty (When installed by an Authorised AL-KO iQ7 Outback Installer).0

Al-ko IQ7 Electric Hydraulic Brake Actuator


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