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Hydraulic Disc Brake Pad

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Hydraulic Disc Brake Pad

Hydraulic disc brake pad fits all brands of Australian trailer brakes including Al-ko, Trojan and Meher.

Pads are sold separately. Also available are stainless disc pads from Trojan.

Hydraulic pads installation process

  • Remove caliper from the mounting bracket
  • Remove the disc pads from the caliper.
  • With the pads removed, check the piston for wear and tear.
  • As a precaution have a seal kit on hand.
  • If you have a compressor, blow air down the hydraulic fluid input hole. This will push the piston out.
  • Inspect the piston and replace it if necessary. If the piston is stuck inside the caliper, a hammer and pointed drift will be needed to remove the piston.
  • You will need to destroy the piston to remove it if it has swollen.
  • Replace the piston with a stainless piston. Purchase from the link below
  • Use silicone grease when re-installing. Normal grease does not mix with hydraulic fluid.
  • With the piston installed, re-insert the disc pads.

Alternatively, your local trailer specialists will do all this work above for around $1000 for a tandem axle trailer.

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