U Bolts Galvanised

Boat Trailer U-Bolts

Boat Trailer U-bolts are galvanised. The lifespan of an ungalvanised u-bolt is 6 months.

Nylock nuts or nuts with split washers are an acceptable way to lock the nut onto the thread.

U-bolts for trailer axles connect the springs to the trailer frame. Once tightened you could be forgiven for thinking this job is finished.

As a result of steel stretching, retighten all nuts after 300 kilometres. Once tightened this procedure should not have to be repeated.

However, boat trailers live in a corrosive environment so regular checks of all nuts and bolts will save you money in the long term.

This is also a great time to check the springs on your boat trailer.

How do I examine the Springs?

If the springs have rusted and growth appears between the leaves of the spring then replace these springs.

Once springs lose their tension and their capacity to rebound, it is time for a replacement.